Vaio S series were taken off from Sony's website last month.

Sony has streamlined its laptop line up and dropped off the Vaio S series, the high-end offering of the company for advanced users.

As of August 2013, the Vaio S Series laptops have been removed from Sony's online store and are no longer available; although they are currently still available, while supplies last, on Sony outlet stores.

The Vaio S series were introduced back in 2004 and touted as business ready laptops, focused on mobility and high performance. In recent years they targeted a market segment populated by Apple's MacBook Pro and Dell's XPS on the 15" range and by MacBook Airs in the sub 14" class.

Sony has overhauled and streamlined its laptop lines and currently Vaio Fit, Vaio Duo and Vaio Pro are the only options offered.

The author contacted Sony via email (also had a chat with one of their sales associates) and expressed his concern about the gap this decision leaves for the professional users who need full HD, dedicated graphics card, dual HDDs-SSDs and other goodies that Vaio S included but aren't matched neither by the Pro nor the Fit; we will offer updates if we receive any reply from Sony.

With this move Sony alienates a small but loyal market that will probably have no more options than switching to Sony's competition products when looking for a new stylish, reliable, light and powerful laptop.


Article was originally posted on September 22, 2013