Inkscape splash screen

Learn how to design simple crystal style buttons using Inkscape in just a few steps.

In this tutorial I will show you how to create simple crystal style buttons using Inkscape. After you complete this tutorial, you will be able to make buttons like this one:

1- Launch Inkscape (big Hello!!!)

2- To start, let's change the orientation of the canvas to Landscape (it's easier for me to work in landscape mode)

File-> Document Properties-> Page tab-> Orientation: Landscape

3- Select the Elipse Tool [F5] and draw a circle while holding Ctrl. This will create a perfect circle.

4- With the circle still selected, press [F1] to activate the Select And Transform Objects Tool. Notice that the handles of the circle have changed according to the tool we have selected.

5- Now we will assign the desired colors to the edge of the circle. Open the Fill and Stroke palette:

Object-> Fill and Stroke [Shift+Ctrl+F]

In the Stroke paint tab, locate the RGBA field, type in 0069ffff and press [Enter]

6- Still in the Fill and Stroke palette, clic in the Fill tab. Now we will create the gradient of the button.

Clic in the Linear Gradient button. A predetermined gradient was created. Now clic on the Edit... button and modify the stops until you get a transition from 0e71ffff to ffffffff (light blue to white)

7- We have to change the direction of the gradient from horizontal to vertical.

Select the Gradients Tool [Ctrl+F1] and change the position of the handles until you have the blue on top and the white in the bottom.

You're almost done! Next you will add the final details.

8- With the circle selected, press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V, now you have a copy of the original circle. Assign the just created circle any solid color (to make it easier to see what I'm about to do!) and remove the border.

9- Select the Ellipse Tool and draw and oval about twice the width of the circle and about the same height. Ovelap the circle and the oval aproxemately as shown, select both objects and then do:

Path-> Difference

The result will be a crescent moon shaped object that will be used as gloss for the button.

10- Align the vertical centers of the new shape and the original circle.

11- In the Fill and Stroke palette, clic in the Fill tab. Clic in the Linear Fill button and then on the Edit... button. Modify the stops until you get a transition from ffffffff to ffffff00 (white to transparent)

12- Repeat step 7, leaving the white on top this time and the transparent end in the bottom.

Now you should have something like this:

You can add some text and effects under the gloss layer to complete your button: